Jessica Coleman started doing hair as a licensed stylist in 2004. An extroverted people person with a passion for making others feel  beautiful through her art, Jess enjoys the process of getting to know her clients, their life stories, to evolve with them over time.  “What I love about being a hairstylist is you have the opportunity to change how someone feels about their day or their look.  It’s an opportunity to make someone feel good,” says Jess.  Ten years into her career, she became an educator, guiding new stylists through the early stages of their careers. As an educator, Jessica likes to impart her more than 15 years of experience on both newer stylists, as well as clients. “I want clients to take away some education and understanding of their hair and how to work with it.”  Jessica has a versatile range of abilities in terms of what styles she is comfortable with, but she specializes in— and is particularly passionate about— short haircuts, such as clipper and pixie cuts, and color of all kinds.

Jessica Coleman