Pop n' Float

Our 2nd Annual Summer Shoot!

Location: Rewild DC

The Definition of

DC Hair

Summer is over but we're still shinin' over here! Our first photo shoot was a success! We wanted to show how much being an artist, diversity, and inclusiveness means to us by putting together a dope shoot with some of our amazing clients and supporters! We ARE the definition of DC Hair and we're so proud and honored to be apart of the Shaw DC neighborhood.

Creative Direction/Photography/Editing: Amber Rayne Photography

Women's Wardrobe Provided By: Violet DC

Styling: Violet DC & Amber Rayne

Hair Stylists: Jamie Lynn, Tyler Larish, Sierra Ocampo, Kathyana Navarro, Kat Joyner, Elizabeth Lingafelt, Mike Houston, Jennifer Marin, Kayona Hughes, Katherine Reyes, Mike Houston

Make-Up Artists: Jennifer Marin, America Vail, Brittney Easley, Deyana Walker, Loe Grey

Location: The Shay DC Rooftop

Models: Liz Foley, Airianna Savoy, Emily Brearly, Chris McVicker, Zamoria Matthews, America Vail, Chris McVicker, Bryan Ita, Lorin Jones, Doug Porter, Jonathan Williams, Chris Beauchemin, Lacy Beauchemin, Julie Pham, Tatyana Chulakh, Mark, Tara, Gabriela Silva, and Rachel Sahle.