If you’ve been searching for a hairstylist that truly cares and is passionate about helping you get in touch with your inner beauty then you’re in luck! Classically trained in London’s Vidal Sassoon Academy Liz’s background in design and technology, as well as her diverse background both in heritage and global experience give her a different perspective and aesthetic. When it comes to her approach towards beauty and wellness Liz is a self proclaimed hair nerd! She loves to educate all her guests on hair science to help extend the life of your locks. (To say she is obsessed with education would be an understatement.) Liz loves continuously taking classes to learn about new tools, techniques and products that will not only improve her abilities but also help become more time-efficient. With a multitude of modern techniques by today’s cutting-edge educators and companies under her belt, Liz guarantees to get you the look of your dreams! IG: @liz_bumgarner Booking appointments in our shaw location